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Since 1932 Babson Arabians have been influencing the Arabian horse population.

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Babson Arabians Today Blog Post

Babson Arabian Horse International

by kim cooper on 06/04/12

This new website Babson Arabian Horses International ( has been developed to support the people who breed, ride and show Straight Babson Arabians, Babson Blend Arabians and other Arabians that have a Babson horses as an important part of their pedigrees.

We are concerned about the future of the Straight Babson Arabian... Fifty years from now it is possible that we may have no Babson horses, or a few Babson horses. Or we can push the Babson Arabians to be all they can be through increased breeding and selective breeding.

Through this process the Babson Arabian can also be made available to more people to enjoy and not just breed. As geldings or unproductive mares are available they can find homes in families and prove the long time claims that Babsons are great family horses.  BAHI strives to support the people who care about or want to own Babson and Babson bred Arabians.

Some of the goals we hope to achieve are:

1. Innovate new ways for Babson Breeders to support one another.

2.Market, publish and advertise so more people are aware of the Babson. We can get quick easy websites set up for any Babson/ Babson bred farm that would like to start having a presence on the web. We are hoping that our forum, classified ad and Trading web site sections will encouage more interest, sharing and movement of the Babson's

3.Our Babson  Arabians Today Blog Post section will create more google search options when Babson's are searched. Directing people to farms that may not have other ways of attracting people.

We welcome new ideas and help with making the website more useful. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone. I make every effort to respond to anyome who has an interest in Arabians with Babson breeding.


Kim Cooper

Babson Arabian Horse International ....Open to all pure bred registered Straight Babson,
Babson Blend and Babson bred Arabian Horses
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